Artist Statement

I am an observer and a visual story teller, whose work, regardless of subject matter, is always narrative driven. I usually work in the figurative genre because I feel that it has the ability to speak to time and place in a unique manner. With this in mind I have been developing my work with some of the sensibilities of a Visual Anthropologist.

Utilizing; iconic imagery, parodies, political and social trends, I work to balance realities - the sweet with the harsh. I find this mix most poignant during the teen and young adult years when young people feel simultaneously invincible and vulnerable, and during childhood when children are totally dependent upon adult and cultural forces. I also try to touch upon this total dependence when I do environmental (landscape) pieces.

Using the power of the medium as well as the subject matter, I work towards telling the stories of children, teens, and young adults in their ‘here and now’ as they grow in 21st Century societies. I also endeavour to create work that is deliberately open enough, both thematically and technically, to invite the viewer into the process. By allowing the viewer to engage in subconscious visual thinking and closure, my work moves the participant towards creating their own emotional third dimension to the piece. 

The pieces that I have focussed on over the past three years, combine newer paintings with previous work. For me this process adds an archaeological component in that each piece includes wax embedded layers of artifacts and narratives.

Laurie travelled extensively as a young adult, seeing the world, and participating in other cultures. Her Science Degree in Biology, from the University of Guelph, gave her hands on experience in form, function, physiology and ecology. Her minor in Fine Art, helped her develop some of her technical skills. Her work has been described as “important, intelligent and sensual.”